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Dear Mr. Barta,

        As security coordinator for Cirque Du Soleilís production "Alegria",

I would like to express my gratitude for the hard work all the employees of

Denver Security Services performed,  at our Premiere Night on June 12th.

I want to give all of the guards a big compliment for their effort and achievement

during the whole day at this, for security staff, complex event.

I am convinced that we are now coming to a solid foundation to make

our stay in Denver a safe one.


John Uytendaal,

           Security Coordinator

                          Cirque Du Soleil "Alegria"             






August 8, 2001

"Over the past twenty some odd years I have worked with a lot of security officers, but I can honestly say that I donít believe I have worked with a group of men who consistently perform at the level you all Denver Security Services officers do.

No matter what challenges are presented to us through the company or new terrorist alerts, I am confident that your company will be up to face these challenges.

I just want to let you know that each member of the Denver Senior Management group made favorable comments about the Denver Security Services officers. They expressed appreciation in seeing officers patrolling in the parking lots, in the garage, and on the floors.

Other commented on the fact that the officers were easily recognizable in their tie and blazers. Words like professional, courteous, and observant were also used. I want each of you to know that I truly appreciate the job you have been doing.

You have set the bar high. Congratulations on a job well done, I am proud of all of you".

    Joe Carpenter,American Century Investments

        Safety and Security Coordinator.     





Dear Mr. Barta,

Once again, I want to thank you for your help. Your people are very trustworthy and prompt. You run a very professional organization and I am very glad to have given you the business again.


Ellias Ortega

General Manager

    USF Processors
    4885 Moline St.
    Denver, CO 80239
    Facility Manager

USF Corporation





August 6, 2001

"Dear Mr. Barta,

I would like to thank you and your staff for providing twenty-four hour security coverage at our facility this past weekend. This is the second time that I have come to you and requested such coverage in short notice. In both occasions you and your staff have stepped up to the plate and provided this coverage with less than four hours notice.

I must say that this is unheard of in todayís security industry. I doubt there is any other security company I could have made this request of and receive such superior results.

I know that providing this type of coverage caused many of your staff to work long tiring hours, some officers worked with very little sleep. For your selfless actions and willingness to go beyond the boundaries of our contract with your company, I am truly grateful.

On behalf of my company, please convey to your staff our many thanks and great appreciation for a job well done. It is the tough times like this that provide reassurance to us that we have carefully selected a security vendor who is serious about providing excellent services to its customers.

Mr. Barta, it is superior service as was performed this weekend that will enable two great companies to enjoy a long lasting partnership. I look forward to working closely with you and your staff in the future"


January 2, 2001

"Just want to tell everyone that I appreciate the great job you did while I was out of the office. I have heard that there were a couple of "touchy" situations come up and that you all did a very good job of handling them. I appreciate it.

Thanks for all of your hard work and personal service you give to our employees and customers. Your effort do not go unnoticed as I constantly receive positive feedback about the work you do".


February 27, 2002

" I spoke with T. N. today and he could not say enough about what a great job you all Denver Security Officers did on the recent investigation. He said that the officers conducted themselves in a very professional manner and all actions taken were very appropriate. I believe he gained a real appreciation for what you all do.

It is incidents like this that help to melt the Safety and Security Department together with HR and to show our worth, value, and importance. Great job team, and keep up the good work. You should be proud of the job you did on this investigation"


December 13, 2001

"Last night at the Christmas Party, I bet I did not run into a single person that did not speak highly concerning the level of professionalism exhibited by the Denver Security Services officers. People talked about how courteous you were and how visible you were while on patrol.

They said that while you were on patrol you were not just walking around, you were being very observant and very willing to help out in any way needed, and they went on and on. I wish I had a tape recorder so that I could have recorded their comments. Bottom line, everyone was very appreciative of the work you are doing and you are making us all look good.

All I can say is that I agree with their comments. I too appreciate the work you do and the selfless effort you put into your work. It gives me great joy to look out the window to see you on patrol regardless of the weather or to view a camera monitor in the control room and see an officer walking around checking doors to make sure they are secure.

I am happy to hear on the radio that you are assisting an employee in some way, or that you have checked the driveway and sidewalks to report they are getting icy. This is what we are all about, safety, security, and service. You do all this very well.

Congratulations to all of you on a job well done! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".

Joe Carpenter,

        Safety and Security Coordinator,

                American Century Investments





I would like to say thank you to your security officer at the Home Depot

on 38th and Quebec. I was in Denver, Colorado on Sunday 3/20/2005.

And I was stranded; my car was stolen from the Mc Donald's. Your officer was very  professional on calming me down and contacting the police for me and very courteous.

 No one would help me not even the employees at the Mc Donald's and your officer seen me and asked if everything was ok and  if he could help.

 I was very pleased that your officer offered to help out and did help,  that's what  I like to see, professionals like him.

 Keep up the good work Denver Security.


 Thank you

Alliant Securities Inc

Joann Thomas

Executive Sales Manager






November 2, 2001

"Dear Ms. Martinez,

I would like to thank VB with Denver Security Service, the guard who was on duty all weekend. He was very helpful, courteous, and pleasant, and always available to help us no matter where he was in the building. He made the shoot much easier for us in many ways.


M.R. Hicks,

Marketing Director.






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