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An economic way to improve security with minimum spending is to combine security guard and patrol coverage with remote surveillance. Technological developments in the last few years enhanced the digital surveillance tools and brought down the costs in the same time.

Letís assume that you only need security guard coverage up until 10 PM but you still need to keep (and pay) a security guard on duty. By installing an inexpensive remote surveillance system you may now send the guard home and save thousands of dollars.

There are huge advantages of this combination of human and technological resources. Once the system is set up you may keep an eye on your property from virtually anywhere - your house, your hotel room, an internet cafť in Paris, or any other place with an internet connection.

For a fraction of the costs of security guard hour of coverage, we will monitor your site around the clock, and be able to dispatch an intervention team or to alert authorities if the situation requires.

How expensive such system will be? We understand your concern since economic downturn affected basically all of us. You may develop a remote surveillance system with existing resources and have it up and running with a minimum investment of several hundred dollars.

You will need a PC, monitor, video cables, video cameras, sometimes a wireless transmitter and receiver if the buildings are far apart. If you donít want to make a huge investment up front, you may start using a spare PC your company no longer uses. You may use an inexpensive web cam, buy a better one later, and add components to your system as you go.

We have helped many of our clients with technological expertise and many hours of work. If you hire us to provide security guard and patrol coverage we will help you design and implement enhanced security solutions using your existing resources.



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