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 Security Services Explained


Here is a summary of some of the security guard and patrol services we provide.

 Please click on the links for more information on your topic of interest. For a low hourly rate you get all the services listed here and much more. Thank You for your time.


  • Uniformed Security Officers

  • 24/7 Emergency Response (free with contract for services)

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Control and Command Center Operators

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring

  • Facilities Support Services

  • Light Building Maintenance

  • Front Desk Coverage

  • Security Secretary (Receptionist)

  • Deliveries Assistance

  • Spot Cleaning

  • Foot Patrol

  • Remote Video Monitoring

  • Employment Termination Assistance

  • Foot and Vehicle Patrol

  • Parking Management and Enforcement (Ticketing, Booting, Towing)

  • Loss Prevention

  • Crowd Control

  • Safety and Security Hazards Prevention

  • Customer Service

  • Customized Services

  • Fire watch, Fire Prevention, Fire Alarm System Monitoring and Operation

  • Vandalism Deterrence

  • Tenants Conflict Resolution

  • Legal Liability reduction through Risk Assessment

  • Video Surveillance and Remote Video Monitoring

  • Undercover Security Video Surveillance

  • Corporate Security - Monitoring of IT and Server Rooms

  • Construction-Specific Security services

  • High rise and Office Building security coverage

  • Gated Communities security

  • Special Event Security

  • Museum and Library security

  • Health Care specific Security services

  • Security Consulting and Risk Assessment


           Security Guard & Patrol:  Includes foot and vehicle patrol, alarm monitoring, fire watch, traffic control, vandalism prevention and deterrence, 24/7 alarm response,, crowd control, customer service, and much more.

        Loss Prevention: The main purpose of our activity is to eliminate or reduce the risks of loss of property, either to vandalism, negligence, fire, or theft.

       Access Control: Protecting your assets, work product, and employee's safety, requires one or more procedures designed to perform. About such procedures, please check our "Access Control" page.

       Video Surveillance & Alarm Monitoring: We will share with you our extensive experience in analog and digital, in site or remote video surveillance and alarm monitoring and response. We welcome you to our workshop.

        Safety & Security: We are all aware of legal liability and the importance of reducing or eliminating safety and security hazards on your property. Learn more on how we approach this crucial issues.

        Parking Enforcement:  Sometimes we need to monitor and enforce the complicated rules of parking on private property. From booting services to computerized vehicle monitoring, we do make a difference.

        Office Building, Concierge, & Related Services. Most of our activity revolves around the cubical, or a private office, from medical environment to corporate field to big and small private and public business-related structures.

        Construction Site Specific Duties   Every site is different, but the main duties are mostly similar, from fire prevention to vandalism prevention, to theft prevention, and safety and security hazard elimination.

        Customized Security Services.  A professional security guard and patrol services combines all of the above services and is able to implement a comprehensive plan of maintaining safety and security on site. It is much like a good cook, having available excellent quality ingredients and knowing how to combine them, for a very positive result. Please check out our Customized Services page.


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