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                                                                          About Safety & Security

  There is no security without safety and there is no safe environment without security. The two terms are so interrelated that only by taking both of them seriously, a competent security services provider may perform properly. The highly volatile legal system places huge burdens of liability on business and only the combined efforts of both, the security guard services beneficiary and the provider, could reduce or eliminate the risk of legal liability.

However, providing a safe and secure working environment is our specialty. While on patrol, the security officer would identify and act on safety hazard such fire and flooding, ice formation on the sidewalk, help with timely snow removal, use deicer on icy spots, eliminate oily spots on the floor, and much more. Sometimes even a cube of ice falling on the floor may cause an injury. Sometimes inadequate lightening or objects left on the way could add up for trouble potential.

We bring to your organization fifteen years of experience of safety and security practical and academic background. You will enjoy all these services and all other services listed in this website combined for a cost-effective hourly rate. A simple cost-benefit analysis would hopefully persuade you that all the benefits and the savings combined strongly point toward hiring a competent security guard and patrol company.

In addition to safety and security-specialized security guard you will get many other security guard and patrol services, such as loss prevention, access control, security video surveillance, trespass prevention, customer services, concierge, front desk assistance, help with deliveries, jump start and flat tire assistance, fire watch, spot cleaning, and other carefully customized security officer and patrol services. Should I remind you one again that you will enjoy all these services combined for a low hourly rate?

Key Benefits

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for your employees, tenants, or customers.

  • Eliminate or reduce risks of costly legal liabilities.

  • Protect your hard work, business, assets, human life and well being.


Protection of expensive business assets, safety and security hazards detection, prevention, and elimination, and enforcement of company safety and security rules and regulations.

Capability 1

You may have different assets and specific safety and security related characteristics. However, regardless if you have to protect your expensive tools and equipment on a construction site or to keep your million dollar server room safe and secure, our experience will help us perform at high standards and yes, keep you safe and secure.

Capability 2

A competent safety and security guard services provider should be able to detect and take immediate action on all safety and security related hazards, limiting or eliminating costly legal liabilities or loss of property.

Capability 3

Our well trained security officer will enforce your company safety and security rules, enforce fire codes and safety regulations, and help provide your human assets a safe and secure work environment. did you know that providing a safe working environment is mandatory federal law?

Reference Accounts

We have preformed at high standards at all of "Our Clients" accounts and many testified verbally or in writing about our quality of service and ability to go above and beyond the job description. Please read their comments in our "Testimonials" section. Thank you for your time.


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