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                                                            Training Subjects - Patrolling 1 & 2



Patrolling is the heart of security officers’ duties. These training sessions cover most of the major concerns that every security guard service faces everyday. The session gets to the point and is enhanced with video action throughout as the subject is being discussed. The following is a partial list of the topics covered:

Key Topics:

  • Post orders
    The importance of your company
    policies and procedures
    The purpose of patrolling
    Equipment used to patrol such as
    nightsticks, guard tour systems, flash lights, keys and more
    Fire extinguisher basics
    Alarm systems
    How to handle emergencies
    How to spot safety hazards
    How to report incidents and situations
    When to make a report
    Protecting the customers assets
    What a deterrent is and how to use it to their best advantage
    Public relations
    How to use the senses including common sense
    How to take a report
    Answering the telephone
    Patrolling techniques and avoiding patterns
    Patrolling with guard tour systems
    Using the uniform as a deterrent
    Using a notebook
    Basic law of arrest
    Locating safety hazards
    Inside patrol v/s outside patrols
    Bomb threats
    Parking lot and parking rules
    Key control
    Emergency situations
    Locking and unlocking procedures
    Fire hazards
    Using fire extinguishers
    Fire equipment, sprinklers, standpipes

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