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                                                        Parking Management and Enforcement



Our roads are becoming parking lots and our parking lots turn into chaos. Parking lot management and enforcement requires special skills, experience, knowledge, and training. Here is a short list of parking lot enforcement and management tasks:

  • Enforcing computer-based, or any other parking system rules and regulations

  • Ticketing unruly motorists

  • Ensuring the availability of handicapped spots for those who deserve

  • Booting (wheel immobilization devices that are removed only after a fine is paid)

  • Towing

  • Conflict resolution assistance - yes, those bumper-fenders

  • Parking lot special tent events supervision

  • Preventing unlawful distribution of fliers and unwanted advertising

  • Identifying and eliminating safety and security hazards (gasoline leaks, flat tires, unsafe vehicles).

  • Identifying and eliminating safety hazards such as ice formations or snow accumulations

In addition to parking enforcement we will provide for you customer service related services such as:

  • Walking your employees, tenants, or customers to their cars

  • Providing flat tire assistance

  • Providing jump start services

  • Help with snow removal, car warm-up and valet parking

  • Any other service at request at no extra charge

Key Benefits

  • Secure your parking spots to be used exclusively for your private business

  • Eliminate safety and Security hazards

  • provide an unmatched level of customer service

  • Enforce the rules and regulations of your company, as well as compliance with federal and state laws


We have served and are serving numerous businesses with parking enforcement as many satisfied customers are testifying in our "Testimonials" section. For a list of clients that enjoyed our excellent quality services please visit "Our Clients" page. For a list of security guard and patrol services that we provide in addition to parking enforcement at no extra charge please check out our "Security Services Overview" page. To find out how are they all related for your benefit, please visit our "Customized Services" page. And yes, thank you very, very much for your time.


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