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                                 Office Buildings Related Issues


Our professional dressed officer can and will patrol the floors, act as a security secretary on request, do spot cleaning while on patrol, greet your guests and clients, escort your employees, monitor your video surveillance system, provide parking enforcement, assist the HR with terminations, turn off lights and save you money on utility bills, help with deliveries and deal with your vendors, provide access control, and do a million of other tasks, depending on your business' particular profile.


Key Benefits

  • Savings on personnel, utility bills, and a considerable discount from your insurance company.

  • Shield from legal and financial liabilities, protection of your property and personnel.

  • Ability to combine multiple tasks to improve quality of service on site.



As the environment around us changes dramatically we also need to adjust as we go. We have an extensive experience on selecting the right person for your business. people are different, some are skilled and like to work inside while some are specialized on outside related duties. Most guards are willing and able to apply all the extensive knowledge and use it in your best interest.

Capability 1


    You may save money on hiring an extra employee by assigning to the security officer related duties. There is no aspect of the job unrelated with safety and security on your property, so is just like having an extra hand without to pay more money. A company can save thousands of dollars in utility bills if the security officer turns off the lights from the main areas to the small lights in cubical. You may also get a considerable discount from your property insurance company if you hire a security company. Your liability decreases, and your savings could even offset the cost of the security services if things are done properly.

Capability 2

    At any time there are safety and security hazards, or they may occur as a result of lack of knowledge or failure to timely detect such problems. There could be oily spots in the way, cubes of ice on the slippery kitchen floor, ice or snow formation unexpected, negligent smokers, electrical rooms left unlocked, live wire exposed, water flooding damage, and one million of other things that it may happen. You really need someone able to detect and eliminate or at least dramatically reduce the risks and hazards that spells legal trouble ahead. We have the tools of the trade and know how to use them very well.

Capability 3

    Taken individually, every issue described above has different degrees of importance, depending on your needs and activity profile. The most important thing is that we assign to your account an officer with enough common sense to apply a combination of services that most likely will increase the benefits for your business. We provide below a few examples from our real practice, including in detail where and how we were able to perform complex tasks, and explaining how the client benefited from such services.


Reference Accounts

Reference 1


    Working for American Century Investments, we assisted this corporation from the construction phase of their new building through the final phase of the building's construction, and many years after that, helping with energy savings, acting as a security secretary at request, providing parking enforcement, and conducting many other complex duties. Although their Denver branch is now closed, the new owners are still hiring us for complex jobs that their security company is not able to handle, such as fire alarm monitoring and handling during complex construction and remodeling, or other challenging activities. Please read the client comments about our performance in the "Testimonial" section.


Reference 2

Another example of how we can save your property to burn down to the ground is our activity for RTD, during the construction phase of their new mega maintenance facility and headquarters. The contractors installed the decor light buried in the ground, while the landscape workers drop over dry wood mulch. The power of the light bulbs was too strong, so around midnight I start seeing one fire after another, like in a horror movie. Of course using water was impossible and reaching a dry fire extinguisher was impossible because of lack of time.

          In short, we got out of the car and put out the fires one after another by removing the mulch from the hot spot lights. There was no need to call the fore department and next day we informed the management about the fire and safety hazard posed by the faulty design. The problem was corrected.


Reference 3

While working for the Cirque Du Soleil's "Alegria" live show in Denver, we performed combined tasks such as fuel gage monitoring, fire prevention and control, access control, alcohol ruling enforcement, a lot of medical assistance and CPR, during the construction of their mega tent.

  •  We also preformed loss prevention tasks, help with conflict resolution issues, assisted the box office to secure cash deliveries, helped with kitchen and artist deliveries, helped with medical emergencies, helped artists and patrons by calling a taxi, monitored all alarms of their high tech equipment, and did all of this with such a commitment that we got a letter of commendations that you can read in our "Testimonials"  section.

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