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 Loss Prevention


Key Benefits

  • Loss of property is a primary reason of concern for most clients

  • Concerns about financial and legal liability in case of loss trouble most customers.

  • A well design safety and security plan will make these worries disappear.


We have an extensive experience in loss prevention area, from internal theft prevention to vandalism and "leisure crime" committed by upscale neighborhood youngsters, to crimes of opportunity, loss due to negligence, fire hazard, and many other related issues.


Capability 1

Depending on the business you run, there are and will always be real concerns about loss of property. A  security officer is trained to detect, prevent, report, reduce or eliminate public and private property loss in very many ways, according to individual circumstances.

Capability 2

If you are reading this essay, you must be a workaholic that climbed the ladder by working very hard. You know that your property may go up in flames in a blink of an eye or may be lost or reduced due to zillions of legal liabilities. We are trained to navigate comfortable through the legal maze and to keep our clients away from liabilities, from writing a detailed security report to physically preventing loss of property on your site.

Capability 3

All it takes is a well thought, customized safety and security, loss prevention specific plan. We are experts in designing such plans depending on your business' specifics, from cash handling to retail stores, golf clubs, or preventing loss of intellectual property for a big corporation.


Reference Accounts


Reference 1

We saved tens of thousands of dollars by preventing property loss for construction projects, where there are three main ways of loss of property and prevention of them (see the construction site page), with company such Swinerton Builders, Mortenson, RTD, American Century Investments, Cirque Du Soleil, and hundreds of many others. For more references please visit our "Testimonial" page.

Reference 2

We also prevented frivolous lawsuits and make unsuccessful attempts from individuals of "milking" our clients by maintaining accurate records, witnessing the contrary, or taking preventing measures to reduce liabilities, such as giving trespass warning for unsafe areas, or filming on camera the real side of the story.

Reference 3

And finally, we are able and willing to design, free of charge, a comprehensive plan of loss prevention on your site. Most of the time, more than one measure is required, so improved lightening could be combined with a hidden camera, random security patrols, permanent security monitoring of critical areas, and many other tools of the trade I will like to share with you if given a chance.

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