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How may I increase my chances for employment?

You many increase your chances for employment by following these simple


  • Make sure that you meet all the requirements spelled in the "Job Updates".


  • Be ready to stop by for a job interview in very short notice, and especially in weekends, late at night or very early mornings, during holydays, and as a general rule 24/7. If you feel uncomfortable coming by yourself bring someone else with you, but only for the job interview. If hired, you will need to be comfortable to be alone at night, to be able to perform properly at your post. We often interview around midnight, at 5 AM, and almost always in weekends. This is a pre-selection process design to assess people's motivation.


  • If you come for a job interview be ready to start immediately, if hired. Understand that just because you showed up it doesn't necessarily mean that you already have a job, but being able to start immediately rather than in a week or two will place you in the front line.


  • Please do not ask personal questions. Limit yourself to job-related questions, such as work schedule, proper uniform, or general questions about security business. I do not answer personal questions such as "Why I never heard about Denver Security", "How many accounts do you have", "Where are they located", "Where are you from", and so on. In a word, be professional.


  • At the job interview be frank about the schedule that you can really work, so if hired, we can avoid frequent changes in work schedule. Let me know if you have any limitation such as school, family, church, community activity, or other commitments. It will pay off for you in the long run.


  • If hired, sometimes "It just doesn't work out", for a million reasons or no reason at all. Please remain professional and return the uniforms so we can mail or hand you the check soon after we receive them back. Please have the courtesy to return them in the same shape you receive them, which will be washed, ironed, and on a cloth hanger. You will be treated with dignity and respect even if things will not work out.


  • Please do not apply if you are looking for a second night job where you think you may "keep a low profile", so you go to your day job rested. Although the security job is mostly quiet and you may or may not have some time on your hands, you need to be alert and keep an eye on the place. I know all the tricks and the hiding places and snoozing on the job will spell the end of our working relationship.


  • If you do not receive an email after the job interview, please do not email or call back. The other day I was writing an email to congratulate one of the people interviewed three days ago, and get him started, when I got an email from him cursing me for not hiring him. You bet I moved to Nr. 2 and thank the other guy for showing his real attitude before the start of employment.


Thank you for your time and patience.


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