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     Any account is unique and requires customized security services. A corporation may need technological literate officers able to perform around IT and the Server Room, or Data Center, which is the brain of the company. A retail store may need officers skilled on loss prevention. For a construction site the officer should be able to provide perimeter defense, access control, vandalism prevention, and ensure the safety and security of site. For a special event, the security officer must have multiple skills, such as crowd control, parking enforcement, once again loss prevention, and always focus on safety and security of client and patrons.

Most clients are inclined to look at security services individual, without realizing that a real security officer must have all these skills combined to be able to perform at high standards. Even more, the main quality of a security officer is not only to have multiple skills, but to adjust constantly to an ever changing business environment.

The most important think a potential client should know is that you can not divide security services by groups and categories. If a company pretends to have multiple levels of skilled officers, from brain dead "basic" to "high tech wiz", you should become skeptical; most likely the only difference is the amount they charge you.

Many clients also ask a common question: "What kind of security do you provide?". Well, there is only one kind of security, commonly named Security Guard and Patrol services; and there is only one level of skills that the security officer needs - the right kind of knowledge to highly perform at YOUR business. Everything else is just debatable advertising and the million dollar salesman you will usually talk to, is very persuasive, so prospective clients beware. Also please be aware of claims like low turnover rates since the numbers are easily manipulated; do not pay more just because someone claims to have low turnover rates, this is another sales trick. Example? A major company providing security for DIA (Denver International Airport) has 100% turnover rate and more than 250 officers arrested for violations during random checks. Regardless, some potential clients are inclined to give in to the high paid PR, with dire long term consequences. Do not be one of them.

Some Examples:

  • Example 1

  • You are the Facilities or Operations, or Marketing, or Security manager and need security coverage for your Fortune 500 corporation. You are inclined to look for "level 10" security officers and pay a heavy price for it. Fact is that for half that amount you may have security coverage performed by skilled officers. Here are a few example what they can do for you: access control, parking enforcement, safety and security hazard prevention, spot cleaning, front desk assistance, surveillance monitoring, Data center (server room) temperature monitoring, alarm monitoring, customer services, and much more. You do not have to pay an arm and a leg and to sign a very small print disclaimer that protect the other parties interests. If a company declines responsibility you may imagine the level of services you will "enjoy".

  • As a general rule, there is no service that you need, that can not be included in the "Services" list we provide for a low hourly rate. This is a personal guarantee.



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