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     For those of you that believe that a construction sites requires a "basic" security guard, please read our "Customized Services" page. There are listed special skills and training of a competent security guard. In addition to the qualities of security officers described there, construction sites do have different characteristics, depending individual profile. A residential environment requires securing the units after working hours, supervising equipment such as heaters and water pumps, securing the electrical rooms and communication room areas, detecting safety and security hazards, preventing unauthorized access such as homeless people and other trespassers, doing a lot of loss prevention, recording traffic on site, providing tenant conflict resolution, interacting with law enforcement agencies, and performing a million of other duties in between.

By now you should have some idea what are we up to. However, industrial projects also require specific skills and highly trained security patrol officers. For example, one of our construction protection in Denver, Colorado was to secure the computerized equipment design to dig under highways tunnels. during the construction of the new Stapleton II Shopping Mall we secured such equipment while on the opposite end of town the same company suffered $ 60,000.00 in theft of copper cable, but the real loss was the inability to use the million dollar digital digging system for weeks, until it was repaired.

Key Benefits

  • Protection of assets from fire and flooding hazards

  • Enjoying loss prevention services

  • Identification and elimination of safety and security hazards characteristic in any construction phase, including remodeling

  • Enforcing the rules and regulations of your company and state and federal regulations

  • Providing all other "Services" combined at no additional cost

  • Enjoying all these services for a low hourly rate

  • Ensure that we are competent and perform at high standards by reading other clients' "Testimonials".


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