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Now all our security officers are in permanent touch with the control center. We have eliminated outdated, oversized radio equipment with Nextel cell phone-radios with statewide coverage.

First, unlike our competitors, we are not passing the upgrade cost on our clients. We provide to each account, free of charge, a radio/ cell phone to be permanently used on site. Most property management personnel, building engineers, and many other business groups already use Nextel phones. Providing the security personnel with such a device allows the client to be in permanent contact with both, the officer on site and the control center of Denver Security.



Your company does not use Nextel phones? No problem, you may always reach our security officers through any type of cell phone you may use. There are many ways for you, the client, to take advantage of our investment. Improved communication may help during an emergency, dispatch officers to your site in short notice, or even save you an overnight trip back to the workplace You may also think of such device as an accurate electronic record keeper when used by our officers to check in, check out of duty. Once on your site, the officers must make a phone call recorded on our special designated phone line. The same thing happens as the officers go off duty.

 The radio future allows the officer to check in with base (our control center) periodically to ensure safety and increase efficiency on site. If necessary and possible we dispatch a marked security vehicle to assist with whatever situation may occur. We have developed excellent working relationships with the Police and Fire Fighter Departments and our officers are many times in the front line of duty.

 The alarm goes off in your work place at 2 AM? You may reach the security guard and investigate the matter. You may have one of us provide assistance 24/7 at no cost to you or you may want to go silence the alarm yourself. Most alarms are false alarms. There is no rocket science involved in handling such device and our people do have technical skills to deal with most situations.

 If we do not have an officer on duty at your site at that time, you may call us anyway and have us go investigate the matter for you at no charge. We may dispatch an officer from the control center or have a marked vehicle drive by if it is located closer to the site at that moment.

 Finally, the brain cells are only working with proper, healthy communication between them. We figured that out and invested heavy in state of the art communication devices to enhance our level of service to you.

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