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Is your Safety and Security in good hands?

          Contemporary environment demands a complete reform of the Security Guard and Patrol Services industry. Our security officers are familiar with the latest technology such as electronic surveillance, GPS tracking devices, or computerized access control entry. However, good old skills are still required, such as common sense, good communication, attention to details and a permanent focus on safety and security hazards.



           In addition, a clean, professional appearance, a positive attitude, a smiley face, and good customer service skills improve the quality of our security officers. If needed, they will be First Aid/CPR certified, front desk helpers, provide deliveries assistance, or any other services you may need - all at no additional cost.

           We operate a 24/7 Control and Command Center where you can call us at your convenience, day or night, weekday or weekend. We use the very late digital technology in training, tracking, and dispatching of personnel. However, nothing could replace the personal contact with the client and the relationship of trust that builds in time.

           Most of our business comes from references and from old, good clients that we professionally and respectfully served in the past. Some hired occasionally other competitors that were not able to perform, so they went back to us. We also have many distinguished clients that we serve uninterrupted for very many years. We never betrayed their trust, protecting them from liabilities, safety and security hazards, and loss of property.

           We never lost an account because of quality of service; some assignments either are completed, or some clients go out of business, join a merger-acquisition, or move out of town. Regardless, we always enjoy a steady demand for services from old and new, in-town and out-of-town distinguished clients.










An effective security company must combine all human, financial, and  technological resources.

Every account is different and requires customized services - there is no "one-size-feet-all" approach.

Competitive security officers operate high tech surveillance technology.

Selection, training, and continue supervision of employees are essential.

Good communication with the client dramatically reduce risks and improve safety and security.

Quality security services should not come with strings attached, such as unjustified price increases.


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