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                                                                      Access Control


     Key Benefits

  • Protection of your human resources, as well as protection of physical and intellectual property

  • Reduce or eliminate work place violence which is Nr. One problem faced by employers nationwide

  • Keep track of whom, when, how often, and for what reason human traffic was recorded on property.



Capability 1

We have the capability and skills to provide access control, most of the time combined with one or more of the other services in any imaginable way, from electronic access card to the old paperwork log in and out, to electronic check in machines, or uniting forces to control access for big crowds at sport or artistic events.

Capability 2

Having a security guard on site does reduce or eliminate work place violence. We know that some employees have familial issues, some employees may have score to settle, or so they believe, some people will do stupid things for illogical reasons, and we do have the ability to help with all of these and more. Some of the clients where we provided such services were KN Energy, Davida Dialisys, Westminster Dialysis, American Century Investments, and many others.

Capability 3

Keeping track of who enters and exits your property and for what reason is more important than one may think. In security business, we are never to careful and never too detail orientated. Many times just the sight of a uniform with badge is enough to prevent unauthorized access. Many times people tailgate, or enter immediately after a legitimate employee, before the door closes and locks. Other times employs negligently allow access to strangers on property, either because they don't pay attention or because they are absent minded. A security officer can prevent many of these incidents while providing many other helpful services for you.


Reference Accounts

 Reference 1

For Cirque Du Soleil we prevented access of people who wanted to avoid the box office and see the show for free; we also needed to keep the crowds away during the construction phase to eliminate liabilities. At Canterberry Golf Club in Parker, CO, we prevented neighborhood teenagers unauthorized after hours access, so they were unsuccessful in vandalizing the place or breaking into the well stocked bar. At corporate offices we provided strict access control while acting as security secretary, saving the clients an important amount of resources.

Reference 2

At American Century Investments we escorted ladies to their cars, gave trespass orders to unruly former employees or disturbed spouses. At Davit Dialysis we provided coverage in situations where one employee received death threats from her ex. At tens of constructions site assignments we evacuated from property homeless people to prevent accidents and eliminate fire hazards. The task of access control is very complex and requires solid skills from the security officers assigned to your business

Reference 3

At several Home Depot stores in Denver and Aurora we prevented liabilities by providing access control both, in the parking lots as well as assisted with inside duties. In one occasion we removed by hand, pushing a car with a leaking gas tank; in many occasions we had to argue and evacuate people doing funny things in their cars, your imagination is the limit. We saw it all, or so we believe. the list of benefits of access control is unlimited - you may think about controlling who enter your home, is just about the same think. We know how to be selective, polite, professional, but all without compromising the safety and security of your property.

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